Being an ESL (English Second language) teacher is an extremely gratifying profession to have. Not only do you get to first and foremost, teach clients such an important language – both in the social and business aspect. You also get to share ideas, the essence, and more importantly the culture of the English people and the English Language. Learning about the Culture, and the subtleties of the English language, are just as important in my opinion than just speaking, writing etc. We would look to see what you would like to either, begin with or improve on in the English world – with a fun, adaptive and comprehensive lesson plan.

My Name is Calvin, and I am 33 years old. My original background was in Banking, Sales and Management where I spent 12 years before making the exciting switch to teaching. I moved to China and lived in a city on the east coast called Suzhou, whereby I taught, gained valuable experience in teaching 100’s of hours of classes, and excelling in the two language schools I worked at – WEBI and WORLD. The Classes varied there from Beginner to Advanced Business, so I have multitude of experience on many different levels. There my lessons ranged from personal ‘1 to 1’s, through to teaching classes of up to 30 people. I recently moved to Kuala Lumpur, and are very much looking forward to sharing and teaching all that I know with my students. I am TEFL Qualified and are extremely passionate about teaching.

With my Business and Management background – combined with my zest for teaching and experience. I would offer not only run fully comprehensive and varied lesson plans, but you will be taught in a fun and positive environment. My first order of business is always to find out what the student/s need before I begin, to ensure a complete and fulfilling learning experience.

Here is a breakdown of my services:
• General English for Adults (Beginner to Advanced)
• General English for Children/Teenagers (Beginner to Advanced)
• English Culture and Etiquette
• Business English
• One to One or group setting looking at the following:

If you want to know more about learning English with me or myself. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.